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Question of a customer: "As a child, I often fished with my father. At that time we fished with dough or with potatoes on carp. Everyone had their secret recipe with the dough and we also caught well. Does it still have sense to fish with such things today or not because the fish are used to modern boilies? ”An interesting question. The time is not quiet and in recent years a lot has happened in the bait area and equipment. There is a lot of research and experimenting, the know -how is growing steadily, not only with the producers...

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The work of a boilies Instagram Video & GT; Click: Monster-Liver Mix is ​​in the Air :-) What do you need with the boilie? The first rays of sun fall on the huge lake, which carp anglers from all over the world are moving to. Full of euphoria, they came in droves to the waters of their dreams. Now that the sun dissolves the last fog above the water, the right moment for a few photos of the clutches of the night would be. In the camps on the lake bank, coffee is cooked this morning and the obvious bite...

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It would be nice if they would grow on the trees. But then we couldn't make so many great versions and not play out our trump card when playing chess, as I like to call it. Or would nature grow much better boilies? I don't know, it's not like that and that's a good thing. But what grows in the Naur are undoubtedly all the ingredients used in the mixes . "Pure nature", "Nature Baits" and similar terms and names are not far -fetched but very close to the matter. The crowning glory of the complexity of the compilation of...

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