Activ baits - boilies

Any kind of fishing is becoming more common, with Activ Baits-that is undoubtedly certain!

The boilies with more solubility. Now test and be amazed😃.
From now on also in 24mm & Available.

  • Sessions without feeding
  • Short trips from afternoon to evening late or in the morning hours
  • One Night stands
  • With longer extensive trips where you have the opportunity to easily reset the rods depending on the situation.
  • If you have no white fish problems, depending on the water temperature, such a "Activ Bait" over 15, 20 or even 24 hours is perfectly at the square.

Good carping,
max nollert

p.s. The great benefit of Activ baits recognized spezies And kept it to themselves for a long time. now for everyone!

The bombs only go up in the water.

Activ Baits