Carp Sounder - Age One Bissanzeiger

Carp Sounder Age One

Bite with passion
Carp Sounder has been passionate about it from the start.
After more than 30 years, the Carp Sounder AGE one is here.
A bite indicator that can do everything.
AGE one, play me the song of the Biss_s!

Currently one free with every Carp Sounder AGEone order (single or set).
Limited Edition. Only while stocks last.

Carp Sounder AgeOne Bissanzeiger
The Carp Sounder - AGE one combines with absolutely sophisticated fall bite detection and modern, electronic bite indicator with easy operation. Carp Sounder stands for high quality, best usability and reliability. Moreover, Made in Germany!
The AGEone offers many setting options such as different sensitivity, sound intensity, LED colours, sway suppression and also a night light. This makes carp fishing even better!
The radio coupling with the receiver is super easy and the secure rod rest ensures an optimal fit of the rod blank. It is suitable for all types of water and of course 100% waterproof.