Half'n Halfs

Carptrack Half'n Half Hookbaits
combine the visual with the taste appeal
in a unique way.

Because they consist of half V-Pop white and half the respective  original Carptrack sinker mix (boilie), ...they are lighter than sinkers but heavier than pop ups!

Also ideal as a single hook bait for the multi rig, so that the hook does not lift and lies nicely on the ground!

Because of their composition, they can either sink slightly or float up slightly. If necessary, the sinking or buoyancy behavior can be adjusted with the help of a small lead or shot below the bait.

The white side will always face up!

As a hookbait , they last much longer than two halves cut open.
The bait weight is hardly noticeable for the carp and it is easily sucked in.

Invented and developed by IB in 2007.
The successes across Europe speak volumes!