3 Set IB Carptrack Rambo - 16, 20, 24 mm

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Set of 3 IB Carptrack RAMBO Hookbaits

consisting of:
1 x 80 g RAMBO Hookbaits 16 mm 
1 x 80 g RAMBO Hookbaits 20 mm 
1 x 80 g RAMBO Hookbaits 24 mm 


Imperial Baits Carptrack RAMBO Hookbaits


Only when a bait is on the hair can a fish bite!
Pests like crayfish, catfish and for some time now also blackmouth gobies in the rivers make life difficult for us.

So it is good to be stronger than them and if necessary even over days like when fishing long range or when you want to trick the carp again.

What lies long holds less danger, so the collective but also the inherited learning experience of carp, without citing a scientific study here. We carp anglers have the world's greatest knowledge about carp and its habits, as well as its learning ability.

The fact that we have also made the Rambos much lighter, almost weightless in the water, completes this hookbait series to fish them successfully on any terrain.

- hit it and pull it out!