IB Carptrack Amino Dip Crawfish - 150 ml

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Short Track
carptrack dips can be used particularly easily by the adhesive formula. Simply drunk and throw it out or leave it in there.
they never become soft and catch, catch, catch.

combine in the following Order:
water/ gel/ dip/ gel!
This trapped the dip in the gel.
Amazing what happens!

carptrack dips include:
carptrack NHDC, carptrack Liquid Amino, Carptrack Flavour, Carptrack GLM Fullfat, Carptrack Liquid and Carptrack INP

Put your hook baits in one of our Amino Dips for 24 hours. In addition, reinforce the attractiveness of your boilies - especially for short trips!
The boilies can only linger in the dip for a moment or even for months and are not soft!

Special ingredients:
- IB carptrack crawfish flour (the entire animal)
- ib carptrack flavor crawfish
- ib carptrack flavor monster-crab

1. Shake the dip can before use
2. The hook bait either briefly dipping before fishing or even better, the hook bait days, weeks or even months insert the dip to have the highest attraction and intensity, long -lasting on the bait.

Explanation video about the Crawfish Range from sergio ceccarelli