IB Carptrack Intense Fish Oil

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In addition to the pure and therefore very intense fish taste known as an instant attractor (e.g. from the pellets), Carptrack Intense Fish Oil also provides essential fatty acids and is a remarkable ingredient for every boilie mix.
Summer and autumn are the best times of the year to use it successfully in heavily fished waters. Strong, rising fish oil flag guaranteed!

Imperial Baits TIP: Carp parkur follows
a regular rhythm with moments
of calm in areas where the temperature is most comfortable. Every
little comfort! The height of the quiescent area in the water is
often the same as the height of the feeding area, regardless
from the depth of the water. For example, a fish could
rest 2 m below the water surface, 70 m from the shore, even
if it is 10 m deep there. The small fish feeding animals such as aquatic
snails, larvae etc. move into the same temperature zone
(never too warm and never too cold!).

When the water temperatures are very high, look for the most oxygen-rich areas.

In the river you should definitely fish the area behind weirs.

In the mix or as a wetting from the outside 20 to max. 40 ml / kg