IB Carptrack Liquid -Powder Paste MKII - Uncle Bait - 180 g

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Alle 5kg Boilies nur noch kurz reduziert und Additive im Menü zum Mega-Preis🎣 ✅

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IB Carptrack Liquid-Powder Paste MK2 - ready to fish!

IB Carptrack Liquid-Powder Paste MK2 - ready to fish!

Content: 180 g
Produced with: 130 g CT Powder, L-Proline, 50 ml CT inLiquid, NHDC, Carptrack Flavour

The time has come:
the Carptrack Liquid-Powder Paste MK1, which is known to be extremely effective, is now available again in a can! Now even more catchy as MKII version!

Max Nollert:

"As a carp angler, there is life before and after the first time you try
Liquid Powder Paste!

Try the paste and your fishing day will never be the same!"

Easy to use.

  • 1. take a piece of the paste (size like boilie)
  • 2. Roll it briskly and intensively in your hands - it will become softer and stickier
  • 3. press the paste flat and round, put the boilie on it
  • 4. Cover the boilie with the paste and stick it shut with its own adhesive power
  • 5. Roll it in your hands in a circular motion
  • 6. pull the finished bait onto the boilie hair


IB Carptrack Liquid-Powder Paste MK2 - ready to fish!

Be a part of us!
Send us your short report with a catch photo showing the liquid powder paste to: bigones@imperial-baits.com

LPP MK2! These were in the last development steps in terms of "easy to use" and thus handling. With regard to the recipe components, we no longer need to test them for a long time. Everyone agrees.
Rarely has there been a more catchy cover for boilies - for the whole year!

Tips for using the paste. There are many possible ways, but here are the main ones.
First: cut a suitable piece out of the tin with a small knife So what
now? Too hard? Nooo. That's good. There are now 3 basic options.

1. simply pull a piece onto your hair. Best in front of the boilie in the direction of the hook.
2. Knead around the bait
3. As a piece all by yourself on the hair, because it holds, although it comes off, it holds up well in cold water.

tempting - the finest contained flours and the contained inP is extremely soluble and therefore needs to be communicated.

inP is the palatant of the first hour and is still one of the top 3 attractors in the entire carp sector.
Carptrack inP. Never tried?
You could even make a paste out of inP with inLiquid....

The paste smells and tastes very intense. Even stronger in the water than in the air.

Ultimately easy to use.
The paste is kneadable with just a little patience and a tiny drop of moisture in the palm of your hand.

Keeps what it promises
The paste lasts longer than all other pastes and catches catches.

Paste With Variety
Available In Sweet, Fruity, Fishy, ​​Spicy. 11 different varieties with tips on how to use them.

top ingredients
For example, the Big Fish Paste contains Robin Red. The Elite Paste contains an extra amount of inP and not just the Banana Paste, which contains a lot of NHDC. Find out what makes the other pastes so special.

100 x over 25 kg - the big liquid powder paste update!!!
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