IBOAT 160 Gen5 - green - including E -engine Rhino VX24 and battery

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Alle 5kg Boilies nur noch kurz reduziert und Additive im Menü zum Mega-Preis🎣 ✅

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iBoat 160 GEN5 Superlight
Superlight - green - transport boat including accessories, electric motor VX24

including accessories, transom, guarantee card, manual, EC declaration of conformity,
2-year guarantee on the boat and all attachments, 5-year guarantee on the boat skin.

Now even easier!
Revolution on the inflatable boat market and an achievement for us carp anglers
. Inflatable boat + electric motor + battery = < 13 kg total weight, 1 hour of fun and a range of 5 km.

Due to constant further development, the PVC is now noticeably lighter on all boats in carbon black and classic green – just superlight.

Even better to pack
up, wrap it up and stow it smaller.

Maximum number of people:

Maximum load capacity:
130 kg

- Slat Floor (top slatted floor new generation) brings more space and stability to the 160s. The buoyancy is not affected by this. Physically, the shape of the boat and the overall weight are crucial for maximum buoyancy.

High-pressure air floor is still available separately as an accessory,
but only to a limited extent - you no longer need it

Pictures in the online shop also show the use of earlier iBoat generations

Spoiled for choice: iBoat 160 - why choose this size?

The iBoat 160, with all due respect the original of its kind, is well-known for its well-defined, practical trunk size
and maximum safety thanks to the all-round hose, as well as theabsolute robustness, very popular.
So far, you could paddle very quickly to explore the water with the help of an echo sounder, to
feed and bring out rods and to transport the caught carp back to the bank.
However, when playing with any inflatable boat without an electric motor , you are sometimes a bit helpless and at the mercy of the carp's direction of pull.
You also have to pump yourself up to him before the actual drill can start. Some fish end up in the obstacle - very annoying.

Of course we do without a thick battery of 80-100 AH. Battery and electric motor weigh together in this setunder 5kg!
The lightweight requires an electric motor that weighs only 2.45 kg, which is fully adequately dimensioned with 8-18 lbs of thrust in 2-stage mode (see video).

Even with a 2.3 kg light session pack with 9 AH , the electric motor with the appropriate name "Cobold" can be operated for about an hour.
With 2 session packs you can already drive 2 hours on the weekend!

Electric motor Rhino Cobold VX24

Session Pack 9AH (not included)

The iBoat 160 comes with generous standard equipment!
How big is the iBoat when rolled up?
very handy, see pictures

Technical specifications
Total length cm: 160 Total
width cm: 90
Total weight kg: 7
Hose diameter. in cm: 30
Min. assembly time: 2
air chambers: 1
Number of people: 1
More FAQs... What is the weight of the iBoat 160 GEN5?
*7 kg without carbon slat floor (without paddle, bench)

What is the maximum load of the iBoat?
130 kg

What is the maximum motorization of the iBoat?
Rhino VX24 E-motor and comparable

Which air pressure is the right one?
Tube: 0.25 bar

What are the shipping costs for prepayment?
Transport costs = free

High-pressure air pump with pressure gauge and transport bag,
fender expander kit, iBoat transport bag in a practical folding style,
iBoat rain cover, stainless steel D-ring with handle on the bow, 2 black aluminum paddles, paddle
holder with stainless steel holder, unbreakable metal tubes
continuously screwed and countered (no grub screws),
black wooden seats with sliding function, multi-position,
removable seat cushions, repair kit

Newsletter for the iBoats Click
here for the GEN5 Superlight newsletter with all the information about carbon black and classic green.

iBoat 160 + E-Motor Video

ALAN BLAIR & KEVIN NASH like the iBoat 160 too...
The boat is only being sold as a transport boat to be used at your own risk. We expressly point out that the boat is used at your own risk and that no liability claims can be asserted against us. Incidentally, all boats that are used on the water must wear life jackets of sufficient size. An additional connection to the boat via a rope or elastic band can also save lives, since an inflatable boat itself has strong buoyancy and can therefore serve as a life raft if you have fallen into the water beforehand.