Rubber boat iBoat 500 Max Comfort / Integrale / Plus

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Inflatable boat iBoat 500 Max Comfort / Integrale / PLUS

including accessories, guarantee card, manual, EC declaration of conformity,
2-year guarantee on the boat and all attachments, 5-year guarantee on the hull.

Max Comfort / Integrale / PLUS – the new dimension for boatfishing!

Comfortmaße: 5,0 x 2,2 Meter!

Available in two versions:

V1 iBoat 500 Max Comfort Integrale
complete boat incl. large accessory pack + double bed

V2 iBoat 500 Max Comfort Integrale PLUS
complete boat incl. large accessory package + double bed +  boat tent Black Cat Cave

Which material is used? 

Decitex 1100 (like GEN4, 0.9mm). The super light coating, which is responsible for the green or black carbon color scheme, is new to the GEN5. The boat has the same excellent durability.
It's a bit easier to aim for.

Weight complete (including boxes): 165 kg

Max. load: 1250 kg
Max. engine: 40 hp
Max. engine weight: 105 kg
Max. number of people: 8 + 2

With a strong inflatable keel for a high course accuracy


For the first time it will be possible to sit extremely comfortably on loungers across from each other and talk shop, like in a large GRP boat. And if it bites, you can rush forwards or backwards to the rods without tripping or climbing. All this in a weatherproof tent with enough space to stay relaxed and comfortable over a long period of time.

iBoat 500 > 11m² (5m x 2,2m)  
iBoat 400 >   7,6 m ² (4m x 1,9m)

Dimensions of the bed system
L 200cm, W 60cm, H 46cm
Distance between bed left and right: 36cm

Included in the scope of delivery:
• high-quality aluminum floor
• large skirting boards where it matters
• high-pressure air pump with pressure gauge
• high-quality, tear-resistant transport bags with folding technology
• Inox D-rings with various functions including tent anchoring
• 3 carrying handles on each side and 2 on the bow and Heck
• Owner's Manual
• Quick Start Guide

•; Repair kit:
1. Glue
2. Patch material
3. Valve key 4. Pressure
5.; replacement valve

But that's not all!
The standard equipment also includes:
• iBoat Cover with cable attachment to cover the entire boat

Advantages compared to rigid hull boats (GRP, aluminium):
- Comfortable boat fishing at a low price
- No trailer or parking space required
- No additional trailer driver's license required, as with rigid hull boats
- Small pack size (see photo) fits in any combination including tackle
- with 14 glued D-rings Perfect adaptation to the Black Cat Cave boat tent
- 7 additional strong D-rings for attaching anchor ropes
- Optionally available: an integrated double bed system with a passage in the middle
- Sufficient storage space for two people to fish comfortably for several nights
- Standard: extensive Accessory package as known from the iBoats.

In these videos, Mathis Korn shows you the iboat 500 in action!

Special feature
Shipping costs The iBoat 500 is delivered on a pallet by a forwarding agent.
The price depends on the delivery address.
We obtain transport offers and the cheapest provider gets the order. Within Germany it is usually 50-70 euros.

Pack dimensions & weights
The iBoat is delivered in 3 boxes (counting the weight of the box)

Carton 1: hull and accessories = 76 kg
L 160cm, W 75cm, H 45cm
Carton 2: bed system = 34 kg
L 105cm, W 68cm, H 23cm
Carton 3: aluminum floor = 55 kg
L 145cm, W 75cm, H 18cm


This has never happened before!
The big update: iBoat 500 Max Comfort (5m x 2.20m!)

Iboat 500 Preview Assembly2


Time lapse video of the construction!

LINK CLICK: 100s of pictures of the construction of the iBoat 500 Max Comfort & Max Nollert's boat history

Iboat500 Max Comfort 4


Time-lapse video: Construction of the iBoat 500 Max Comfort

iBlog Update:
Setting up the iBoat 500 alone? No more problems with this guide! Now for the instructions.

Iboat 500

Like a rock in the surf?
Maybe not quite, but Mathis has a great solution for you!

Here is another article by Mathis Korn in the Karperwereld

And here to read: An article by Mathis Korn in Carpzilla Magazine
(click on the image)

Shipping costs (including VAT) Delivery within Europe is free of charge for orders over €50. Only the iBoats 400 and 500 are charged at cost per forwarding agent. The costs are between 70€ and max. 150€ depending on the delivery address. 

Explosion test with a compressor using the iBoat 210 as an example.
We brought the  air from 4 inflatable boats  into one single inflatable boat!

That's why you don't need a pressure relief valve . Pressure test in the blazing sun.