Carp´r´us - PVA Stick Refill - 25 mm, 7m

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carp´r´us - replacement PVA stocking - pva stick refill pack - 25 mm, 7m

Carp´r´us-PVA Stick Refill presents a new line precisely knitted replacement pva stockings. Thanks to the sophisticated knitting technique, the stocking does not dissolve spontaneously, but only with water contact. The unique properties of high-quality PVA fibers ensure the reliable function of PVA stockings even in very cold water.

PVA Stick Refill is a reliable backup for the PVA stick system and other tunnel systems with a diameter of 35 mm. Very fine knitting enables the use of various baits, small pellets, crushed boilies or very fine embroidery mixtures.

Carp´r´us-PVA Stick Refill contains 20 m PVA stockings with a diameter of 35 mm, compatible with most tunnel systems on the market.

Features of the replacement stocking pva Stick Refill

  • Precise knitted PVA stocking
  • excellent solubility even in cold water
  • Suitable for the use of very fine bait
  • Compatible with most tunnel systems on the market.

Technical parameters

diameter: Ø 25 mm

quantity: 7m