Rebelcell 12V stabilizer for echo sound

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Converts the voltage of the Rebelcell 12V25 / 12V50 / 12V100 Angling Li-ion battery for the appropriate voltage for use with echolotes that are subject to a maximum of 16V (e.g. Raymarine DragonFly).

The most important characteristics:
- 11-18V in DC- OUT DC 12V converter/stabilizer For constant voltage
- Simple connection: M8 cable loose for fastening to 12V25 / 12V50 / 12V100 Angling Li-ion battery. Attach the red (+) /black (-) anen plug to the echo sounder and then connect it to the anen plug of the stabilizer.
- built-in backup to protect the echolot: 3a in + DC output wire.
- waterproof: poured out with epoxy resin, IP65 waterproof, for use outside in Wet environment, as in the fishing boat or kajak
- against abuse secured: switches off at short circuit, too high temperature, overvoltage and too high discharge stream.

Attention !
use the 12V DC Stabilizer FF only in connection with a 12V echolot. It is only suitable for 12V25 and 12V50 Angling Li-ion batteries (for 12V11 Angling Li-ion battery). The stabilizer is not protected against false polarity! If the battery is not used for a long time, please curl off the stabilizer to prevent an empty and / or defective battery!