Visible touch (braided) - 0.17 mm / 300m

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braided cord of the extra class

what kind of lacing

Visible touch ... and night fingers become a visible breeze!

  • with Teflon coating
  • high load capacity
  • low stretch
  • uv light resistant
  • high lifespan
  • 12 nodes per cm
  • neutral swimming behavior

Surface sealed:

  • Wide throws
  • No wigs
  • no color loss

The ideal role powder for the lake and river:
approx. 75 % braided visible or invisible touch
20 % monofile 40s (as an expansion component so that lead a.) In the current (river) does not move and b.) If storm in the lake, also remains in the same place.
5 % 50-60 punch cord

How much cord fits my role?

in advance:
5000er daiwa & gt; Exactly 600 m from the 0.17 mm visible or invisible touch + 20-30 meter monofile 50s Schlagnur ( Shock it ).
The following capacity for monofile cord is specified on the coat of daiwa. , 40mm = 280 m

You can now calculate your required cord with the three-rate

Example 1:
600 x (indication of 40 mono on your coil, e.g. 280 ): 280 = approx. 600 m

Example 2:
600 x (indication of 40 mono on your coil, e.g. 350 ): 280 = approx . 750 m

Extra Tip 1:
When spooling, we recommend a damp cloth with dishwashing liquid to remove the production-related materials / residues of the surface sealant. This way the line has hardly any surface tension from the start, which prevents any line from sinking that lies loose on the surface.

Extra Tip:
After taking the assembly off the dinghy:
Backing up with a rod submerged in the water by up to 50cm,
provides additional security to protect the line from water
water sportsmen.

Its neutral sinking behaviour ensures that it neither sinks further nor rises to the surface.